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The Following steps are required:
  1. Clearly understand the conditions outlined in "Payment Acceptance Agreement with Agent". Applicants can review the agreement here Payment Acceptance Agreement. This copy is applicants to aquaint themselves with the terms.
  2. Complete the Online Registration Form available from the "Registration Form" link below, including company profile, legal contacts, and corporate contact details. By registering you agree to the conditions outlined in the Payment Acceptance Agreement". The field marked with a "*" are required.
  3. After submitting the registration form, iCAN's security staff will generate security keys for access to your iCAN Control Panel or send a Special Guide on how do it yourselves.

    The E-token device is highly recommended as storage for the certificate!

    Access to The Control Panel will become available after exchange of security certificates. Registration data can be edited using your security certificate.
  4. Print, sign, apply your company seal and send the Statement and Public Key Acceptance Report back to iCAN. You may also send the below document package contents via registered mail delivery (State Mail Service, DHL, TNT and others) to the address listed in the iCAN Contacts page.
The required documents package includes the following:
  • Statement(2 copies);
  • Notary assurance of the State Registration Certificate;
  • Notary assurance of the Fiscal Registration;
  • Power of attorney for a person empowered to sign a contract, if the signing will be implemented by the power of attorney;
  • Protocol of the stockholders' meeting on President/Head appointment (only for LLC, LTD).

Register now by completing the REGISTRATION FORM.

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