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Software License

  1. The agreement provides for the granting of iCAN Agent simple (non-exclusive license), it is right to use the conservation programs for the Payment Acceptance Operator the right to grant licenses to others. The using means storing, loading, installing, running or displaying the Software solely for payment of kiosk, with the right to transfer to third persons on the territory of Sudan. In this case the third party right to use the Software in respect of which provides a simple (non-exclusive) license is also limited by the limits provided by this agreement.
  2. Payment Acceptance Operator has exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities in respect of the Software.
  3. iCAN Agent prohibited:
    • modify the software, including distort interface, visible payers in any way;
    • attempt to circumvent any technical limitations in the software;
    • reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software.
  4. iCAN Agent undertakes to update software by the Payment Acceptance Operator to receive payments, no later than next day, after the notification on the Payment Acceptance Operator's website. iCAN Agent who has not performed the obligation, assumes all risks of incorrect work of the Software and shall bear all related to incorrect operation, the measures of responsibility.
  5. It's allowed to transfer the software to the third parties, together with the terminal. Before sending a third person the iCAN Agent must consent to the fact that the terms of the Agreement shall apply to the transfer and use of the Software. Do not retain any copies of the Software, including a backup.
  6. The software was provided to iCAN Agent on a grant basis

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